Position papers

Digital Wellbeing in the Context of Decision Support Systems
Sarah Aragon Bartsch

Involving the Users in Designing Systems for Wellbeing 
Oshrat Ayalon and Eran Toch

Food for Thought in Digital Wellbeing: “Eat to Live, or Live to Eat”
Rosanna Bellini

Digital Wellbeing at the Margins: Gay and Bisexual Men in the US and India
Jeremy Birnholtz, Kathryn Macapagal, Shruta Rawat, Dicky Baruah, Richa Vashista and Alpana Dange

Are You All Right? Using Peripheral Display for Improving People’s Wellbeing in Workspace
Yaliang Chuang and Jose Gallegos Nieto

Digital Wellbeing: Evaluating Mandala Coloring Apps
Claudia Daudén Roquet and Corina Sas

On the Importance of Visual (Digital) Wellbeing for HMDs
Teresa Hirzle, Enrico Rukzio, Jan Gugenheimer and Andreas Bulling

Digital Wellbeing: Considering Self-transcendence
Alexandra Kitson, Bernhard E. Riecke and Andrea Gaggioli

Why Are Cross-Device Interactions Important When It Comes To Digital Wellbeing?
Laura Lascau, Priscilla Wong, Duncan Brumby and Anna Cox

Interaction Restraint Framework for Digital Wellbeing 
Uichin Lee and Jaejeung Kim

Putting Self-Control at the Centre of Digital Wellbeing
Ulrik Lyngs

Designing for basic psychological needs as a path to digital wellbeing
Dorian Peters

Designing for Digital Wellbeing: On Games and Music
Katja Rogers

Injecting a Positivity Spin into Our Everyday Digital Lives
Mary Beth Rosson

Understanding Digital Wellbeing Systems through the Lens of the Theory of Planned Behavior (TPB)
Yisi Sang and Yun Huang

Millennials: Digital Connected never Unplugged? 
Corina Sas

A New Paradigm for Autonomous and Intelligent Systems Development: Why Well-being Measurement Matters
Daniel Schiff, Laura Musikanski, Zvikomborero Murahwi and John C. Havens

A Perspective On Digital Wellbeing
Matthias Schmidmaier

Promoting Digital Wellbeing by Empowering Users from Racial Minority Groups
Alexandra To, Geoff Kaufman and Jessica Hammer

Stigma in Supportive Online Spaces: Special Challenges for Well-Being
Ashley Marie Walker and Michael A. DeVito

Designing for Digital Wellbeing and its Challenges in Everyday Life
Kelly Widdicks, Oliver Bates, Mike Hazas and Adrian Friday